SIRONI ZENO sas di Sironi Elisa

SIRONI ZENO sas di Sironi Elisa


Tax Code: 08008220157

Vat: 00886120963


Tax Code: 08008220157

Vat: 00886120963


Via Casignolo 17/19

20092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI) - Italy

tel. +39  026181278

fax  +39 0266015601

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Privacy Policy 

This website collects certain personal information from its visitors.

Data Controller


name: Sironi Zeno sas di Sironi Elisa

Tax ID: 00886120963

Address:  Via Casignolo 17/19 in Cinisello Balsamo (MI) (20092)

Email: info@sironizeno.it



Type of Information Processed


Below is a list of the information collected by this website, in addition to information collected automatically through third-party services: contact information, including company name and VAT number, first and last name, tax code, address, e-mail address, fax, website and date of birth, telephone or mobile number for natural persons,  and information provided during registration and unique IDs used by advertising services such as, but not limited to, Google Ads). The information collected may have been provided by the Visitor or acquired through third parties. This information will be used for the purposes described in this Policy. The visitor has the right to rectify, at any time, his personal information or to prevent, revoke, object to its processing.

The information that is processed can be entered manually by the Visitor, collected automatically, or acquired through third parties.

The use of cookies (which are not permanently stored on physical devices) is limited to providing a safe and efficient exploration of the site and to identify the visitor always in order to provide the provision of the service requested on this site. Under no circumstances is the use of cookies for the purpose of transmitting personal information. In order for the website to function properly, the website visitor is required to enter the required personal information. If some information is not entered, the operation of the website may be compromised and its performance altered, even to the point of the impossibility of using some functions for which the insertion of information is necessary. The visitor of the website indemnifies the owner of the website from any liability that may be claimed by third parties, for the information that the visitor may have entered and published within the same website.

How we manage information

The processing of the information provided is carried out taking into account all the necessary measures to prevent the online sharing, deletion and involuntary modification of the information indicated. The way in which we collect and store information is closely linked to the way in which you use our website and related services and is carried out through IT and telematic tools.


Legal basis


This website may use the personal information stored exclusively for purposes related to the execution of the purposes requested by the visitor when:- the Data Controller may need to use it for its own purposes and in its own interest.- the Data Controller must follow up on requests in the public interest, including from authorities.- If the information is functional to the fulfilment of legal obligations or provided for by EU legislation.- it is necessary to comply with the contractual agreements for the provision of one or more services, including personalised services.- The visitor has given his/her consent to the processing of his/her information.

If you have any doubts about the legal basis of the processing, you can contact the Data Controller and the DPO for clarification.


Place of processing of information


The processing connected to the web services of this website takes place at the company headquarters of the Data Controller and is handled only by personnel in charge of processing. No information deriving from the web service is communicated or disseminated. The information provided by the Visitor who submits requests for the sending of information material is used for the sole purpose of performing the service or performance requested and is communicated to third parties only if this is necessary for this purpose (Article 3 GDPR). The information provided is only disclosed to third parties if this is necessary for this purpose (Article 3 GDPR) and may be transferred to another country. The visitor to the site retains all rights and can request to know the details of the tools used by the owner of the website for the security of information, and can also request details regarding the transfer of their personal information to countries outside the EU and/or to non-governmental organizations that are not subject to any specific legislation. The Visitor may request more information on the use of his/her information and the transfer of the same by contacting the Data Controller and the DPO directly.


Information Retention Time Window


The duration of the storage of the information is linked to the purpose of the processing in progress. The information will not be processed for longer than is strictly necessary to fulfill the purposes for which this information was collected and processed.

The information collected by the Data Controller will be kept until the purposes for which it was collected have been fulfilled. Information collected in response to a contractual commitment will be retained until the conclusion of such commitment.

The processing provided through consent may be stored until the revocation of such consent by the Visitatore.Al end of the purposes indicated, the information will be deleted and all rights of access to information, erasure and portability can no longer be exercised.

Purpose of the processing

The Visitor's information is processed for the provision of services provided through this website. Some of the features are: the ability to comment, store and view statistics, access third-party services embedded within the site or via API, the possibility of chatting with an operator or with other users, the possibility of having direct contact with an operator or with other users, payment management, contact requests, information of various kinds. Hosting and other features aimed at completing the purpose requested by the Visitor.Advertising, targeting, profiling, content testing, access to information through peripherals, anti-spam, use of third-party platforms for the management of requests and assistance, registration and access and transfer of information. For more information on all purposes, the Visitor can contact the Data Controller directly.

Interaction with social networks and external platforms, 
Heat mapping and session recording, 
Interaction with live chat platforms, 
If you have any questions about the processing of information about sironizeno.com please write to us at info@sironizeno.com. This website does not support "Do Not Track" requests. To find out if any third-party services you use support them, please consult their privacy policies.

Subsequent updates Privacy Policy

The Data Controller may update this privacy policy contained on this page at any time. Visitors can stay up to date on changes made to this Privacy Policy by consulting this page which bears the same name and which will remain public in order to be conveniently consulted. At any time and/or following a modification of this Privacy Policy, the visitor may request the destruction and deletion of any personal information concerning him/her, and in this case this may result in the termination of part and/or all of the functionalities offered to the visitor by this website.

Definitions and legal references


Personal Information


Personal information is information that identifies or makes identifiable, directly or indirectly, a natural person and that can provide information about his or her characteristics, habits, lifestyle, personal relationships, state of health, economic situation, etc.


This refers to all information collected automatically or manually, directly or indirectly through third-party services.




The website visitor who uses the services making use of their personal information.


The person to whom the personal information entered and/or published on the website refers.

Data Processor

The data processor in the GDPR is defined in Art. 4, par. 1, n. 8) as "the natural person, legal entity, PA or entity that processes personal information on behalf of the data controller".


Data Controller (Site Owner)


The Data Controller is "the natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data" (Art. 4. para. 1, no. 7 GDPR). In essence, the controller is the one who processes the information without receiving instructions from others, the one who decides "why" and "how" the information should be processed.


It is a set of related web pages, i.e., a hypertext structure of documents that can collect personal information regarding their visitors.


A particular type of information that can be useful in identifying the visitor and is used by server-side web applications to store and retrieve long-term client-side information.

Legal References

This privacy policy has been drawn up on the basis of the legal systems in force, including the European Union Regulation 2016/679 and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (FADP) and refers to this website.



The website may require identification through Facebook in order to interact with it through the Visitor's Facebook account. For more information, you can directly consult the Facebook permissions documentation and the  Facebook Privacy page.


Visitor ID, visitor name, profile picture, visitor's gender, language, list of friends and/or followers of the visitor, and in general all the information that the visitor may have entered within their profile.

Additional details

The information collected is used by the following services:

Access to third-party services

Third-party services may require you to share the information in your accounts in order to interact with them. In any case, an authorization will always be required, to be provided before the activation of third-party services.




This website accesses directly or via API the information that the visitor may have entered within the services owned by Facebook, Inc. Required information: user ID, username, profile picture, user gender, user language, list of the user's friends and/or followers and, in general, all the information that the user may have entered within their profile and that may be contained within the privacy policy of the Facebook services,  Inc. Place of processing: United States of America – Privacy policy.


Visitors can leave some comments within the website using specific commenting services. Visitors will also be able to leave comments on the website anonymously. Visitors are responsible for the content posted through their comments. Third-party commenting services may request the collection of information, including for statistical purposes.

Facebook Comments

This website allows visitors to post Facebook comments about a web page, a url, a Facebook page or any content on the services of Facebook, Inc. Required information: visitor ID, visitor name, profile picture, gender, language, list of friends and/or followers of the visitor, and in general all the information that the visitor may have entered within his profile and that may be contained within the privacy policy of Facebook, Inc. services.Place of processing: United States of America – Privacy Policy.

Contact the visitor



The hosting services collect information necessary for the proper functioning of the website and its functionalities in order to provide the services requested by the visitor. Hosting services use servers in different locations, so it is not possible to determine exactly where the information is stored.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is a cloud hosting platform operated by Google Ireland ltd. Required information: the information collected is specified in Google's privacy policy.Place of processing: Ireland – Privacy Policy.

Newsletter/Mailing list

The visitor to the site, by entering his e-mail address when purchasing a product, registering on the site, or subscribing to the newsletter/mailing list of the site, authorizes the owner of the site to be able to send him information and/or advertising messages. Required information: the e-mail address of the visitor who registers for the site or newsletter.

Phone number

By leaving their telephone number, visitors may be contacted for various purposes expressed at the time of entering the numerical data. Phone Number


Contact form


The information provided by the visitor when filling out the form and the information included in the body of the message is used exclusively to respond to the visitor's request. Personal details such as name and surname, physical address and email address and other types of information in order to obtain more information about the request submitted.

Sending Messaging

Third-party services that manage databases of contact information, used for the purpose of communicating with the visitor. These services may collect contact information related to submissions, opens, and other types of interactions.


Mailgun, Inc. is a third-party service that allows the management of mailing lists, mailings, and email sending statistics for newsletters and automations. Required information: Name, surname, email and other information required for the personalization of the communication. Place of processing: United States of America – Privacy Policy.


Social Network


This feature allows Visitors to interact with the main social networks within the website through the Visitor's social profiles. The information collected: User ID, username, profile picture, user gender, user language, list of friends and/or followers of the user, and in general all the information that the user may have entered within their profile. These services may collect contact information relating to the use of your profile on the social network that owns the application you are using, hosted on this site.

Facebook "Like" button

The "Like" button is provided by Facebook, Inc., and allows you to like the Facebook page of this website. Required Information: Cookies and information used. Place of processing: United States of America – Privacy Policy.


Statistical services allow the owner to monitor the performance of the website and visitor behavior.

Flazio Stats

Flazio provides a statistics service that analyzes and displays the personal information of visitors who visit websites. Required Information: Cookies and Usage Information. Place of processing: Ireland – Privacy Policy Opt Out.

Migration of information outside the European Union

The controller may only move the collected information out of the EU if it complies with a certain legal basis. For more information on the legal bases that may determine the transfer of your information, you can contact the data controller directly.

Content & Graphics

These services allow you to display certain graphic elements or third-party content directly on the website. The information collected is specified in the privacy policy of the third-party service that owns the application in use hosted on this site.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a textual font managed by Google Ireland Limited.Required information: this is specified in the privacy policy of the Social Network that owns the application in use hosted on this site. Place of processing: United States of America – Privacy Policy.

Geolocation & LocationNon-Continuous Geolocation

The website and some third-party tracking services may share visitor positioning information for the purpose of providing personalized services. The website can access information related to the location if the visitor has not opted out of the tracking of his or her location through his browser or devices.

Required Information: Geographic Location.

Instagram Component

Instagram allows the display of image and video posts contained on Instagram, Inc. Required Information: Cookies and Usage Information. Place of processing: United States of America – Privacy Policy.

Anti Spam

These third-party services are intended to protect the website from spam activity.

Google reCAPTCHA

Google reCAPTCHA is a SPAM protection service provided by Google Ireland Limited.Il reCAPTCHA system is subject to Google's privacy policy and terms of use. Place of processing: Ireland – Privacy Policy.

Registration & Login

The services with registration and authentication allow the visitor to have their own profile within the website.

Facebook Login (Facebook, Inc.)

Facebook Login is an authentication feature based on the login credentials of Facebook, Inc.You can find the information used by this feature in Facebook's privacy policy.Place of processing: United States of America – Privacy Policy.

Google Maps Component

Google Maps is a service that provides maps operated by Google Ireland Limited.Required information: Cookies and usage information. Place of processing: Ireland – Privacy Policy

Visitor Profiling

The information provided by the visitor may be used by the data controller to create a visitor profile, to monitor the visitor's preferences and behavior.

These operations can be used thanks to automatic tools that monitor the visitor's activities in order to be able to trace a profile of the visitor. In order to refuse profiling, the visitor can contact the Data Controller directly to assert their rights.

Visitor's Rights

Visitors have certain rights that they can exercise regarding the use of their information. Your rights are:- Request a complaint about the use of your information.- Request the transfer of your information;- Request limited use to process the information;- Withdraw consent;- Request a change to the information indicated.- Refuse processing of the information;- Request deletion of the information;- Request access to your information;

Right to object

Visitors may object to the processing in relation to the use of the information in the public interest or in the exercise of public authority of the controller. Visitors can also object to the processing of information for marketing purposes.

Exercising your visitor rights

In order to assert their rights, the visitor can directly contact the Data Controller of the information managed on this website.

Use of information in court

The Data Controller, if sued, will be entitled by the visitor to use the visitor's information, and information on the use that the visitor has made of the services. Should the Data Controller receive a request from public institutions or public authorities (Police, Carabinieri), it will be entitled to forward all the information requested by them.

Log Files

In order to improve the services offered, to perform troubleshooting and to analyze the use that is made of the same services, this website may perform sequential and chronological recording of the operations carried out by a visitor, an administrator either in a manual or automated form, as they are performed. These recordings can be stored and possibly accessed during the analysis of the information, also called the event log.

Site Visitors' Rights (Visitors)

Visitors have the right to delete, transfer, suspend and correct their Personal information, and visitors have the right to have a comprehensible and intelligible copy of their Personal information. The Owner of the site must have adequate tools to carry out such requests. All requests must be sent to the Data Controller and/or DPO.


If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at info@sironizeno.com.

Information last revised: 12/02/2024


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